I got home from a 10.5 hour flight on Tuesday.Straight off the plane to the market to get some ammo.I needed to reset my health in a very bad way.So I got to my kitchen armed with lots of roast-able vegetables.For what dishes?Who knows,I had no plan.I only knew that while I showered,they would be roast8ing in the oven and ready for me to prepare all sorts of dishes with them in the coming days.

I put the oven on at 375 and brushed the following items with some olive oil: two garnet yams,one sliced piece of pumpkin and one spaghetti squash with fork holes in it.I set the timer for one hour while I showered,washed my hair and got my pajamas on.😉  As soon as I was ready for bed,the squashes were nice and soft.

Over the course of the week where I was working 15-17 hour days (Its busy season for my production business) I made dinner for my parents with the spaghetti squash.I ate the yams for 亚博娱乐breakfast and lunch with different dressings and used the pumpkin diced into a simple green salad.Having these items prepped made it so that I didn't give in to getting take out at restaurants around my house.It's the easiest and best way to keep healthy and stay on track.Prep,prep,prep.