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Ok,so this isn't entirely about your teeth.It's more about a dentist named Weston A.Price.你可以在这里读到关于他的书,但是《快报》:1939年,他出版了一本书,名叫营养和身体退化that compared primitive and modern diets and their effects on human health.He was perplexed by the incidence of crowded teeth found among his patients in the US and set out to remote villages around the world to find people with beautiful teeth.He strongly believed that there was a correlation between straight,white,cavity-free teeth and the nutrient density of the foods the children ate while growing up in those places.He travelled to remote villages in europe,africa,polynesia,australia and worked with isolated peoples that had not incorporated processed industrial foods into their diet.Among these peoples he found that few had signs of tooth decay or crowded teeth.All of the communities ate traditional nutrient-dense whole foods and a good amount of healthy (free-range) animal fats rich in vitamins that can only be absorbed in the presence of dietary fat.Basically,他们吃了人们几千年来一直在吃的食物。

Some of the foods:

  • 器官肉类– In particular – Liver.It has the highest concentration of nutrients of any part of the animal.
  • Fermented foods– Living sauerkrauts,,kimchee,pickles,甚至啤酒和酸面包。It's important to distinguish between pasteurized (cooked) pickles and real pickled stuff.The pickles and kraut you get at the market are usually pasteurized – no good.Whole Foods Market sells some live – probiotic fermented stuff.Fermented veggies are a super-probiotic.They help boost your immune system and help supplement the bacteria in your gut that plays a major role in breaking down the food you eat.Fermented bread – If you eat bread try to get a traditional sourdough.酸道中的细菌能简化面筋,使面包更容易被消化。很明显,一旦面包被烘烤,细菌就会被杀死,但当面包发酵时,细菌就开始工作了。
  • Quality fats– Olive oil (not to be used in cooking except at low temps) and Ghee (indian clarified butter from grass-fed cows) is best.酥油不含乳糖或酪蛋白——牛奶中最常见的两种刺激物。Ghee also has a high smoking point which makes it great for cooking.如果你的烹饪脂肪达到了吸烟点,你很可能在它开始氧化并分解成各种活性物质——自由基时将其破坏。Fat in the diet,,特别是好脂肪,is not the culprit for weight gain.再一次,,饱和脂肪has very little to do with weight gain!!Read this to learn how you've been duped about saturated fat and cholesterol.Lack of movement and refined carbs (sugar,starch) are to mostly blame.Eating good fats like grass-fed butter,ghee,and olive oil is essential for the absorption of vitamins A,DE,and K – especially important for children,mommies,and people recovering from illness.
  • Soaked/Spouted grains –It's a bit of extra foresight but if you have rice,燕麦,尤其是藜麦,they should be soaked for a minimum of 4 hours – best overnight.对于孕妇,我建议低谷物饮食,但一周几次谷物可以。I anticipate my meals for the following day and often leave a bowl of quinoa soaking from the night before – best with a splash of lemon juice,or vinegar.After soaking make sure to rinse well.Why soak?谷物是种子。Seeds protect themselves from the guts of animals by producing phytates – a set of phytochemicals that make them indigestible and that bind to nutrients in your digestive tract.When you soak grains (especially if you soak them long enough to sprout) you trick them into converting these phytates into enzymes that actually help you digest them.另外,如果你浸泡它们,它们煮得更快,水也更少。Remember to rinse before you cook them.
  • –小鱼最好。沙丁鱼几乎不含汞或汞,they're somewhat sustainably fished,它们富含欧米茄6和3。Also,you usually eat the whole fish and all it's organs which contain all the good minerals and vitamins.
  • Broths– Bone broth and fish broth.Get some bones from your fish vendor – ask them for fish heads/carcasses and stick them in a crock pot overnight with celery,carrots,onions,大蒜和一两汤匙醋或柠檬汁。这是一个了不起的免疫建设者和营养密集添加到任何一餐。
  • Plenty of dark and colorful veggies——绿叶蔬菜,roots,legumes,等。是维生素/植物营养素工厂,为你的身体提供从消化到激素生产的所有东西的基石,to bone strengthening,to brain function.Have them lightly steamed,stick them in your broths,roast some sweet potatoes,turnips,甜菜,用黄油或酥油覆盖。

This list is not exhaustive but it can give you a basic toolkit for stocking your health-building toolkit.